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This series of books uses a fun and novel way to teach children the fundamentals of music theory. Games and stickers are used to introduce all of the essentials such as staves, clefs, note identification, time signatures, key signatures, note values, and rest values. This child-centered series uses clear and simple instructions, appealing illustrations, and a variety of self-motivating exercises, such as tracing, coloring, and pasting. Includes: Letter Names * Treble and Bass Clef * Time Names and Time Values * Line Notes and Space Notes * Treble Clef Notes * Bass Clef Notes * Assessment.

Music Theory for Young Children Bk's - by Ying Ying Ng 
- Music Theory for Young Children Bk 1
- Music Theory for Young ChildrenBk 2
- Music Theory for Young Children Bk 3
- Music Theory for Young Children Bk 4
From Beginners to Grade 1 each new element is introduced and explored by means of an inventive system of activities which is guaranteed to appeal to young children. The series is also designed to provide a progressive revision course for music students of all ages.

A step-by-step series of four music theory books, will be welcomed by teachers and parents who are fully aware of the importance of a sound theoretical foundation in support of practical music studies.
Music Theory for Young Children


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