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Our Terms

communication rules

  • Interactions between students, parents, and PBW Clubhouse personnel should be respectful and professionally appropriate. 

  • Parents and students should make use of various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, Line, Facebook and meetings. according to the given instructions  

  • Parents and students should be informed of the decision. which has been well thought out in various situations Note clearly 

  • Parents and students should keep their contact information up-to-date. Please let me know if any information changes .

  • If parents and students need any assistance Please be assured that PBW Clubhouse will listen and act in the best possible way for you in a timely manner. 

Class booking rules

  • PBW Clubhouse will provide each student with their own set of days and times for boarding. 

  • In the event that a parent or student wishes to change the school day and/or time, they may contact PBW Clubhouse directly to verify the possibility.  

  • In the event that students are unable to come to class on the specified date and time Please contact PBW Clubhouse to arrange for further reimbursement lessons. In this regard, please take into account the convenience of the instructor. Instructors cannot guarantee that classes will be available on the date and time that the student desires. 

  • Compensation classes can be made up to 2 times within a 12/14-week period from the date of payment registration, starting a new course. 

Cancellation Rules

  • If students are unable to come to class on the specified date and time can contact via various communication channels to cancel the class 24 hours before the appointed time 

  • If the cancellation is made less than 12 hours before the scheduled time is less than the set agreement. PBW Clubhouse reserves the right to deduct such classes. as if the instruction in that hour had already taken place 

  • If the cancellation is made less than 12 hours before the appointed time but due to force majeure , parents/students are requested to clarify the reasons. If there are reasonable grounds, PBW Clubhouse will continue to consider a waiver of course cuts as appropriate. 

  • In the event of no notice of termination, PBW Clubhouse reserves the right to deduct such class hours according to its regulations.

  • for group classes If a student is unable to attend in any case We will deduct that student's hours without rebooking. 


classroom rules

  • Students should be polite and punctual. 

  • Students should cooperate and participate in class to the best of their abilities. 

  • Students should listen and obey instructions. or actively participating in classroom activities 

  • Students should dress appropriately.

  • Students should have the necessary books and equipment. to be ready for study

  • Students must have a working audio-visual device to complete their studies. teaching success

  • Students must have a stable internet connection to complete the course. success


  • Purchasing 1 course means paying for 12/14 sessions

  • Payment is made prior to the course taking place. which can be paid in cash or transfer money to the account specified by PBW Clubhouse 

  • Tuition rates are indicated in the table. The rate varies according to the level of knowledge of the learners. and is a fixed price set by PBW Clubhouse 

  • One course is valid for 12/14 weeks from the date of tuition payment. Beyond 12/14 weeks, the course will expire. The remaining class hours are counted to zero. 

  • Continuing courses can be done at the end of the current course. However, if there is no notice of such intention within the specified time And there are other students who are interested in the said class time. PBW Clubhouse reserves the right to give the said class date and time. with other students. unless discussed as the case may be 

  • Refunds are not customary, but PBW Clubhouse may consider them to occur as the case may be. 


  • Deduction of class hours will occur in the following cases:

  • In the event that a notice of class cancellation is received less than 12 hours prior to the agreed class date and time. Such class hours will be cut off. Except in the case of force majeure which   PBW Clubhouse will consider an exception as a case by case.

  • In the event of absence from class and no contact to report any reason, PBW Clubhouse reserves the right to cut the said class hours according to the regulations.

  • Class hours not used within the specified period of 12/14 weeks from the date of payment  will be treated as zero.   

  • In the event of any non-compliance with the stated terms, PBW Clubhouse reserves the right to cut additional tuition hours as the institution deems appropriate. 

Rewards and benefits

  • Parents/Students Have access to the system and content that is partially provided by PBW Clubhouse. free of charge (Does not cover PBW Clubhouse lesson material.)

  • If current students are able to attract new students to apply for a course with PBW Clubhouse, current students will be entitled to a 3% discount on their next course enrollment. 

  • Parents and current students  receive special discounted rates on admission to activities at PBW. Clubhouse held

  • personThe ruling understands that PBW Clubhouse may record video. and pictures of students in activities and performances of the school Parents allow PBW Clubhouse to use photos and video recordings for school advertisements.

  • PBW Clubhouse Music Academy reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions. The institute has the power to enforce appropriate regulations. However, if there are any changes The institute will inform you in advance.

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