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 Music for little Mozart CD Level1 (1 box contains 2 discs)

The teaching music is used in conjunction with the Lesson and the Discovery Book.


Piano course for children aged 4-6 years from America

Go on a musical adventure with Mozart, Beethoven and their friends.

There are 4 levels in total 

Contains Lesson Book, Work Book, Discovery Book  and music CD (1 box contains 2 discs).

Additional exercises are Notespeller Book and Rhythm speller book



Two compact disc recordings (sold as a two-disc set) support the concepts introduced in Level 1. The disc for the Music Lesson Book includes the narration for the story, as well as two performances of each piece---an acoustic piano version. and an orchestrated version. The disc for the Music Discovery Book contains all of the songs and the "Listen and Sing" examples in the book performed by a teacher and students. In addition, professional performances of all listening examples for music appreciation and movement activities are included.

Music for little Mozart CD Level1 (1 box contains 2 discs)

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